We have roofing down to a science.

We are roofing redefined.

Roof Repair Squad is a leading commercial and residential roofing company located in Texas. With over 10 years of experience, we take great pride in our customer service, superior workmanship and quality assurance.

Our reputation in the industry has been developed by providing our customers with the highest quality roof systems and workmanship available through our experienced roof technicians and supervisors.

For your peace of mind.

Our business is BBB accredited and insured for any eventuality, surpassing most manufacturer specifications and building codes.

We work with the best technology to give you a detail report of the damages on your roof and provide you with the Squad Guarantee as our promise to deliver the highest standard service to our customers.

The Squad Gives Back

We believe in giving back to the community and continually look for new ways to it. We consider it our responsibility to make a positive impact in the communities we serve by giving back to those less fortunate. This year we supported Hope For Three, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children with autism and their families. Roof Repair Squad team donates their time, their skills as roofers and tradesmen, as well as their leadership to support several organizations.



Does Roof Repair Squad work with Insurance Companies?

Yep! We are experts when it comes to helping and guiding customers file insurance claims and following insurance company procedures. We are quite familiar with most insurance companies’ way of handling claims and will provide all the necessary information to ensure a smooth claim process.

Is Roof Repair Squad an Insured Roofing Company?

Roof Repair Squad is proud to be a fully insured roofing company. This guarantees your protection as well as ours. We also provide the “Squad Guarantee,” giving you an extra layer of protection against eventualities.Learn more about our guarantee here.

How Do I Know I Need A New Roof?

This a question better answered after a thorough inspection by a professional, but some signs that you may need a new roof are visible water damage or leaky roof, dark spots and trails, and outside light showing through the roof. Let us help you by inspecting your roof for free. We will always consider roof repairs first; if we have no other alternative, then we will suggest a roof replacement.

How much does a new roof cost?

The cost of a new roofing system varies a lot, depending on things like selected materials, cost of contractors, location of the home or building, local labor rates, time of the year, etc. To get a good idea of how much your new roof may cost, contact some local roofing contractors and ask for free inspections and free estimates. This will help you by letting you know what you need and don’t need and identifying all or some of your case’s variables.

How Long Can I Expect My Roof System To Last?

You can expect your roof to last for about 20 years; however, there are some factors that can drastically change this expectation. Some of these factors are the type of roofing material (slate and metal roofs can last longer), local climatic and environmental conditions, the quality of your roof installation, and adequate roof maintenance. Be aware that most roofing product manufacturers provide warranties on their products, so take a look on those warranties to see your roof material’s projected life span.

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