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It takes more than just shingles to protect a home. It takes an integrated system of components and layers designed to perform in three critical areas. The Owens Corning® Total Protection Roofing System® gives you the assurance that all of your Owens Corning® roofing components are working together to help increase the performance of your roof.

Total Protection
Roofing Diagram
Roof Diagram


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Ice & Water Barrier

Help protect vulnerable areas where water can do the most damage: eaves, valleys, dormers and skylights.

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Help prevent damage from wind-driven rain by providing an additional layer of protection between the shingles and roof deck.


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Starter Shingle

Creates a secure seal of protection on the first row of shingles, along the eaves, defending against blow offs.

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Choose from a variety of durable styles and colors that provide the first line of defense against the elements.

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Hip & Ridge Shingles

Help protect the ridge vent and add an attractive, finished look to your entire roof.


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Intake Vents

Help prevent heat and moisture buildup in the attic by allowing fresh air to enter the attic.

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Exhaust Vents

Help protect your roofing system by allowing heat and moisture to escape from the attic.

There’s a line between a good shingle and a great shingle.

It’s the nailing line on your shingles. The difference between a good shingle and a great shingle is having SureNail Technology. With SureNail Technology, strength and durability are built into every Duration Series shingle, thanks to the unique fabric strip in the nailing area. This unique shingle design provides outstanding gripping power.

SureNail Technology
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Sure Nail

Surenail Advantage in Lab Tests

Simulated nail-pull demonstration to show a shingle’s ability to stay on when high wind is trying to pull it off the deck.

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