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got storm damage?

We Are Storm Restoration Experts

You’re not alone. At Roof Repair Squad, we understand the stress a strong weather event causes. Even if your home isn’t visibly damaged, you may need a professional to ensure there are no hidden issues. If the damage is not addressed, it can lead to costly repairs later on. Being proactive and having your roof inspected will give you peace of mind, especially if no damage is detected. You should never underestimate hail or strong winds. Always let an expert inspect your roof after a storm.

We're Always Ready to Go

Our Roof Repair Squad is always ready to go and quickly repair any damage caused by hurricanes, heavy rain, flash floods, hailstorms and any other storms. Trust us to be your storm and hail damage repair experts.

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Types of damage

Hail Damage

Hail Damage

Hailstorms tend to leave dents and marks in your roof, ruining its coating and protection against rain and sun damage.

Storm Damage

Wind & Rain Damage

High winds can tear and remove your roof; heavy rains can cause gutter damage and leaks depending on your roof’s material.

Hurrican Damage

Hurricane Damage

Just like windstorms, hurricanes can tear and remove your roof with intense force, causing terrible damage. Call us for a free emergency inspection.